Figure Ground, work by Niv Bavarsky, Samuel Hayes, Will Reed & Mathew Zefeldt, curated by Gideon Chase, January 10th - February 8th, 2014

About the Artists in Figure Ground

Figure Ground is a group show curated by gallery artist Gideon Chase, including work by:

Niv Bavarsky, Samuel Hayes Will Reed, Mathew Zefeldt.

Curatorial Statement

A figure/ground relationship is the interaction between the figure (the foreground) and the ground (the background). Whether it’s being used to describe text (the figure) on a piece of paper (the ground), or the person reading (the figure) and their environment (the ground), art needs both a subject and a context in order to have meaning.

Ranging from large acrylic paintings on canvas, to small graphite drawings on printer paper, these four distinct artists create whimsical narratives using bright colors and playful mark making. The paintings embrace their abnormalities and imperfections to explore the figure, humor, and the distortion and manipulation of the world their pictures live in.

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Figure Ground